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I’m Mark Jordan, a writer, a coach, and someone who likes to ask questions. I’ve always been a coach or a teacher of some sort, whether with kids playing soccer, students learning art, college students learning to write more compelling prose, or business people dealing the stresses of day to day life. Coaching, like writing, is something I do naturally.




http://arlinc.us/2019/10/memberships-certifications/?share=facebook My Experience

  • Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Certificates in Intuitive Guidance, Sports Coaching for Children
  • Graduate classes in Hinduism, Comparative Mythology, Ritual & Symbolism, Greek Mythology, Teachings of Joseph Campbell, Psychology & Myth from Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • Adjunct lecturer at San Jose State University
  • Award-winning writer
  • Other programs include:
    • Programs from Deepak Chopra
    • Multiple programs from Tony Robbins
    • 3 years of study in shamanism
  • I have more than 30 years of business marketing experience. In that time I’ve run my own ad agency, been a company spokesperson, ran marketing departments, taught people how to brand and reposition their companies, taught college courses, ran marketing for a major music festival, and interviewed people in war-torn Northern Uganda.

Learn More Some Personal History

Born in Arizona, I grew up in Europe, being dragged from castle to museum by my mom, who couldn’t get enough of the rich history and art. Moving every couple of years, I learned to adapt and fit in. I still have remnants of my Scottish accent, which comes out from time to time (ales and good Scotch help). It also scarred me while molding me into somebody who can fit in with most any social crowd. Most of all, it helped anchor my introverted nature and gypsy approach to life.

Spiritually, I’m a bit of an omnivore — I take what works for me from all walks of life, pop culture, religions, and spiritual approaches. So you will see me reference stories and passages from Marvel and DC comics, movies, TV shows. I was raised Catholic and I’ve studied Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Wiccan, Shamanism, and Sufism, as well as classic mythology and modern storytelling.