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The Power of Comic Books

zovirax mail order Just about every comic book tells the story of one character overcoming a setback to do something good. Look at any superhero. Each went through a massive crisis that shaped his or her superpowers for good. Peter Parker (Spiderman) lost his beloved uncle to a senseless murder, Peter Quill (Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy) witnessed the death of his mother, and Steve Rogers (Captain America) was bullied for being small. Even Archie endured the heart-wrenching behavior of Veronica. The truth is we all have wounds that define us. How to transform those stories into something heroic is what we can learn from comics.

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Let’s talk for free This photograph was taken of DC’s “All Star Superman 1” by Grant Morrison + Frank Quitely as well as the Marvel Graphic Novel “Guardians of the Galaxy” by Bendis, McNiven, & Pichelli.