find more information Why do we close our eyes…

  • When we pray?
  • When we dream?
  • When we cry?
  • When we kiss?

how to write a profile for online dating examples Some say that it’s because we know that the most beautiful things are not seen, but felt in the heart.

this article But I’m going to disagree just a bit.

You see, all of these are very intimate moments. They are felt deeply in our hearts and souls. And they expose us. They all make us vulnerable.

Prayers are often about our deepest desires and most personal gratitudes. Our dreams are those aspirations we delicately hold in balance, praying that they will come true. Our tears are shed because we feel that our heart has been ripped open or pulled open by something that touches us deeply. And our kisses are such an intimate moment, that we are afraid we might expose our desires if we look in each others’ eyes.

But, if you’ve ever kissed somebody you love deeply with your eyes open, you know that the risk of exposing yourself is outweighed by the intense intimacy of the moment. You share in each other’s love, swim in it, languish in it. It’s not something that most people are willing to try, but I say go for it.

You might find that your heart just grew three sizes that day.

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