Magic Dances Outside Your Comfort Zone

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buy Aurogra online made in america For most of the past year, I have taken to the cushion and meditated about what I’m supposed to do next. I meditated Buddhist style, clearing my mind. I meditated Native American style, going on a shamanic journey. I meditated new-age style, focusing on what I (thought I) really wanted. My personal favorite is walking meditation. The Buddhist style of walking meditation that I was taught at one of Thich Nhat Hanh’s monasteries involves focusing on walking. You just walk and be one with walking (you are allowed to sing). But if you want to look at the scenery, you have to stop. You don’t walk and look at the scenery. You just do one thing totally.

my explanation My own personal walking meditation style is more one of just walking Buddhist style until a topic arises that I want to explore. Then I walk through the topic, exploring it. On Wednesday morning, somehow the topic of what I should do next with my life seemed like a good one to explore. And about 45 minutes later, I had the seed of the idea.

But a seed needs to be planted in order to grow. As much as I believe in the Law of Attraction, I also believe that you need to plant the seed and tend to it in order for it to grow. Unfortunately for me, my idea required the cooperation of others. Very successful others.

Now, before I go any further, I should point out that I am an introvert. I test as an introvert, I live as an introvert (some might say hermit), I’m not good in a crowd. I like being behind the camera, not in front of it. I also really don’t like bothering people, in particular those I don’t know. Especially people I know are busy. But I realized that in order to bring my new idea to life, I was going to have to comfortable with the idea of politely asking famous and successful people for some of their time, the idea of which is an ocean away from my comfort zone.

Within 10 minutes of getting home, I decided to damn my comfort zone and plant that seed with emphasis.

Earlier in the week I wrote to a life coach who is now considered an expert by celebrities, CBS, eHarmony, TLC, and FOX. I had never met her, never had any contact with her other than watching a testimonial she did for the Quantum Success Coaching Academy that I am now a member of. And I just asked her if she would be open to answering some questions about how she got so successful. She very nicely said yes and asked me to email her the questions.

But after my walk that Wednesday morning, I saw an opening to kickstart my idea. I did more research, and I discovered that she had hit rock bottom just before becoming a success. So, in addition to asking about her business, I asked about her experience at rock bottom.

Today she responded that she would rather answer my questions during a Skype interview so that others can learn from it as well. She has thousands of followers. I have my dog, a few friends, and you.

To be honest, this is way better than what I imagined. It’s magic. I just need to stop forgetting that it is always dancing just outside my comfort zone.

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