Monday, Monday, Can’t Trust That Day

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Monday, Monday, Can’t Trust That Day

buy zithromax for chlamydia Yesterday one of my favorite clients flew from Denver to San Francisco to meet with me. We planned to meet downtown near the Ferry Building, so I plan to take the ferry (obviously). I knew my car needed some help so I only drove to the bus stop to catch the shuttle that would take me to the Vallejo ferry. What I didn’t expect was that my car would overheat at 6 AM in 55° weather in less than two miles.

dating services binghamton ny But that’s exactly what it did. Leaving me with no time to find a legal place to park. Sitting at the bus stop, I began to think of all the things that could go wrong. Then a bus showed up earlier than I expected. I asked the driver if this was the bus to Vallejo, and he refused to answer. He kept mumbling something about Redwood. I asked him again if this was the bus to Vallejo, and this time he enunciated, “Northbound Redwood.” Still not the simple yes-or-no answer to the question I asked. He chose to be difficult, so I assumed he meant no. Somewhat frustrated, I returned to my seat and waited for the bus that would hopefully come at 6:44 AM as expected. It did. But it required exact change, and I of course only had a $20. I did have a Clipper card, which works on every other Vine bus, but not this one. I must have looked dejected while I tried to come up with another way to pay, because the driver let me ride anyway. I think that was actually the turning point in what could have been a really crappy day.

I made the early ferry, scoped out a place to meet, and met my client at the BART station on time. We sat together for five hours, accomplished a ton, laughed, ate, and vowed to do this again. I even introduced her to Recchiuti Confections in the Ferry Building. Then I caught the 3:30 ferry to Vallejo, got exact change, and caught the 29 Express back to Napa. I smiled as I hiked 2 ½ miles home (because it’s further to walk than drive for some reason) and got home a little after 6 PM to a very excited dog.

That evening, while talking to a friend about my day and why I was so tired, they replied, “Wow, now that’s a crappy day.” To which I answered, “Not really. I got to meet with one of my favorite clients, problem solve, develop strategies, and I got to read a book for four hours. Walking 6 ½ miles total with about 20 pounds of computer and paper on my back wore me out, but it wasn’t a bad day.”

And I thought back to the bus driver who cut me some slack without even knowing my story. He had so many other options, most of which could have resulted in a truly crappy day for me.

But he chose kindness.

Imagine if we all did that. It didn’t cost him a dime, and kindness rarely does. So often I see people hurt because somebody didn’t choose kindness – they didn’t hold the door open, they didn’t smile, they didn’t answer a question – they may have followed the rules, but they chose to do it without any kindness. Just like yesterday. I could have gotten on the wrong bus because the first driver wouldn’t answer the question and had the Monday of all Mondays. Instead, I was blessed with a bus driver who chose to be kind.

This one man chose to cut me a break, and for that small act of kindness, I am extremely grateful.

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