There’s a Hero in You

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There’s a Hero in You

where to buy prednisone online Just about every comic book tells the story of one character overcoming a setback to do something good. Look at any superhero. Each went through a massive crisis that shaped his or her superpowers for good. Peter Parker (Spider-Man) lost his beloved uncle to a senseless murder, Peter Quill (Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy) witnessed the death of his mother, and Steve Rogers (Captain America) was bullied for being small. The truth is that just like them, we all have wounds that define us.

breakthrough dating new york The question is, will you let that wound keep hurting you or will you use those scars to make you stronger? That is the difference between a tragic character and a heroic one. Tragic characters do not learn from their mistakes and they let setbacks become defeats. Heroic characters continually learn and don’t accept a setback as a defeat. They know that they need to overcome whatever is holding them back from doing what’s right, from defeating the enemy, from the life they deserve.

While the heroes I listed above are all driven by what happened in the past, they are also defined by it. But they’ve made that hardship work for them. So even when (in almost every issue or story) they face that moment of apparent defeat, they look deeper within themselves and summon up the strength to carry on when others quit.

And that’s what makes them heroes.

Which makes the question to you, when did you carry on when you could have easily called it quits? Look back at your stories. The fact that you’re here today means that you have overcome something that destroyed others. You have pushed through obstacles that forced others into submission.

Why is this a big deal? Because now you have proof that you can do it, so you can do it again. And again, and again. Just like any comic book hero. You can get up and fight one more time. Because it’s important, it’s the right thing to do, or because somebody needs you to even if you don’t know that.

All those scars are really just proof of your indomitable will. Just know that inside you is a superhero hiding inside a mild-mannered alter-ego. You can do this.

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